You Can Never Die Out Of Hunger In Malaysia

George and I used to discuss on how lucky Malaysians are. The Malaysians are blessed with generally good weather all year long, no earth quake or other natural calamity such as typhoon or volcano that threatens to wipe out the entire nation every 20 years or so.

And, food is everywhere. If you were a homeless, you can go any of the soup kitchens in the city, or step into any of the worship houses – the mosques, Hindu temples, churches or the Buddhist temples, you will be fed.

If you were travelling over the weekend, you will see plenty of weddings in the kampungs (village). The kampung folks are pretty generous lot. Hungry? Just stop at any of these weddings, give a courteous hello to the host and you will be invited to eat the wedding feast. Now, dont complain about the lack of cutleries as almost everyone will use their fingers. But hey, it is hearty, good delicious food!!

Spoil for choice, you can eat almost anything from any country at almost any time of the day. You want Russian, Swiss, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Swedish. As long as you are willing to look for these places and pay…

Or,  budget wise, you can have breakfast from as low as RM2.00 (about USD 66 cents) will give you one crispy roti canai with curry on the side and your choice of coffee or tea. Take dinner meal for instance. You can have a decent meal for less than RM10.00 As for me, a simple fried rice and hot tea will be around RM6.00 (about USD2.00).

Recent weekend short trip brought us all the way to the Sekinchan, Selangor. We stopped by at the various stalls selling fruits and local food and was impressed at how entrepreneurial these folks are.



Honey bbq chicken wings at only RM1.50 per piece.


Refreshingly sweet cendol – shaved ice with creamy coconut milk topped with brown sugar and preserved fruits. Only RM3.00/bowl.


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