Just Shut Up If You Don’t Have Anything Good To Say

I sat in a meeting room today with the executive members of a group of companies. They were pretty intent in listening to a presentation by an senior executive of a potential vendor. My role for the day was to arrange for this meeting so that these people can talk to each other and hopefully develop enough chemistry that they will end up doing business together.

The dude, kinda a newbie in Malaysia must have felt a little bit out of place. With his spiffy coat, leather shoes, he looked like every inch of a successful senior executive. The rest of the meeting team members were semi casual.

Coming close towards the end of the presentation, a member from the group started jibing on the ideas presented and continued to yak yak yak yak…..whatever that came out from his mouth sounded far from being intelligent. I almost keel over and wanted to hide. Not only that, he also started to ask the dude why Australia is imposing visa to Malaysians who want to enter?

Dude in suit said, ” I have no idea, I am a New Zealander…”.

I just wish that some people realized how ridiculous they sound when they open up their mouth.


2 Replies to “Just Shut Up If You Don’t Have Anything Good To Say”

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