The Petshop

We were at Tropicana City Mall recently for a meeting with an old friend. It was a great catch up and exchanging news.

Not soon after the meeting, we decided to stop by at a petstore located near the escalators as I saw several rabbits in a rabbit pen placed outside of the shop when we came in.

There were several cages and a rabbit pen placed in between those cages. I was aghast to see the condition of the rabbits. They were sick and with ears badly infected with mange. Poor rabbits! To think that it is a very high traffic area and parents with kids tend to stop by and pet the animals there. What an irresponsible attitude of the store to allow this happen.

I said to George that we need to speak to the store people, which we did. Went in and was met by this blur-case dude who seemed not to understand what was the issue. This Mat Saleh guy and a Malay lady who kept on talking about “rabbit with mange” must have been an annoyance to him.

George called him out from behind the counter and showed him what we meant. He seemed like a blur-case still and kept on insisting that he was not responsible for the inefficiency of his headquarters. When asked whether didn’t he care or feel bothered by the sufferings of the rabbits? He just stared at the rabbits and muttered something under his breath.

I was royally pissed off.

Just what kind of an outfit is this that hires irresponsible, someone who does not have a single shred of passion towards animals and on top of that, cant even speak?

I took pictures of the poor rabbits, mange and all, and promptly emailed it to their customer service department.

rabbit with mange


I received their response the next day from one of the staff. I have no idea who this person was but she promised me that “they will take immediate action”. She also said that they “appreciate my feedback, will do improvement at team member training and pets quality management to enhance quality of service.”

No where in the response where she addressed about the health of the rabbits.

A few days later we stopped by again at the store. True enough the rabbits were gone. Blur-case dude was still there. Told us that someone from HQ took away the rabbits a few days before.

But you know what?

The dirty rabbit pen was still there. Right in front of the store for all to see, to touch and to spread germs and virus.

Yeah, after all sharing is caring? Another email is on its way to Petsmore….sigh…

petsmore pen



A Lesson In Humility

glass with water


A few years ago just when I was going through my divorce episode, one of the first things I had to do was to look for a job. It was kind of hard as I was so used to be self-employed for many years, making decisions on my terms and last but not least, no one to report to but the Income Tax department and myself.

It is said that behaviour reflects the mind. And mind shift was not easy.

I sent out about 60 job applications. No one called back. It was as if my application was lost in the Bermuda Triangle of Job Applications. On top of being a smart, intelligent, pleasant to the eyes, I figured that with all the experience and job skills that I have accumulated over the years will make sense to any Hiring Manager, and that I would be a valuable asset to any company who hire me.

I forgot that it is a very competitive world out there. The world does not owe me a living no matter how smart, intelligent and experience I am. I have to create them on my own. The word “syiok sendiri” (self appreciation) came to mind now.

For days I sat staring at my own resume, wondering where I went wrong. There was no one to turn to at that time. Friends whom I thought were friends no longer came to the house, let alone answered my calls or emails. I was down to my last few hundred dollars. There were two mouths to feed with another 20 odd four-legged, furry, voiceless ones to be fed. House rent, bills….

That was when I decided to tweak my resume to reflect my achievements objectively. I started making phone calls and changed from behaving like a “boss” to someone who was keen to make a comeback, contributing to the world of work. I sent out another 15 or so resumes. 7 came back with invitation for an interview. What a shift that was!

Eventually I managed to secure a job with a training provider earning a humbling amount of salary per month. When that amount used to be a mere cost to a couple of days’ expenditure in my previous household, it was now a one month worth of salary. But, it was a salary nevertheless.

I managed to put The Daughter through her final school years and eventually to college. We travelled lit bit, spent some on good food, clothes and other things. There is an art to learn and unlearn. Both behaviours are difficult, but if you do not reflect and learn from the life’s experience, you will not move forward.

Life was tough, it still is but I will never forget those painful years when I had to feed the furkids rice and sardins, when The Teenager and I had to be content eating roti canai (flat bread) with curry for dinner.

Just a few days ago I read the FB status of a good friend. She said something about a lesson in humility. She advocates among others:

  • Reflecting what life AND God try to tell you
  • Bersangka baik (always think of good things) towards other people – your friends, relatives and clients
  • Appreciate what you have and strive for achieving a better tomorrow

Do You Remember Your Childhood Days With Fondness?

I was chatting with George yesterday about some childhood memories I have, usually triggered by certain smell or sight.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I remember the picnics we used to go to at this waterfall called Lata Jarum. Before the government constructed a giant hydro dam in the area, Lata Jarum was known for its beautiful waterfall and smaller rapids downstream. My mom would wake up very early in the morning to cook fried rice, fried chicken and noodles, packed them in her Tupperware and off we went.

The water was cold that you could place a can of drinks and it felt as if it just came out from the fridge.

Sometimes, the family just decided to drive over to the seaside and played in the water till sun down. At that time, the nearest seaside might be a whole day drive to Kuantan. There was no sophisticated and modern highway back then, just a regular highway that had many twists and turns.

People say that you tend to only remember good things and block away the bad memories. All things considered, I’d like to think that I had spent a great childhood. It was full of great travelling memories and spending time with family and friends.

Have We Lost Our Rights To Earn A Decent Living?

I have been following with interest on the case of Jawi against Nik Raina Abdul Aziz, an employee of Borders Malaysia.

Read Border’s press statement here. 

There are three lessons here, at least to my mind:

  1. You have to know what you are selling knowing that there might be Power That Be out there are just waiting to make you a stellar example.
  2. You have to know what you are selling knowing that there might be Power That Be out there are just waiting to make you a stellar example.
  3. You have to know what you are selling knowing that there might be Power That Be out there are just waiting to make you a stellar example.

There you go, three lessons. Why three? Cause I do not feel like cut-and-paste more than that.

An observation from a Malaysian – made, born and bred in Malaysia (and by saying that does not mean I am less of a Malaysian or Melayu or a Muslim), Malaysians are fantastic at:

  • creating, charting, developing SOPs, policies & procedures but fail to make it known to the public. Syok sendiri banyak.
  • If and when SOP is ready, do you think you can get them through the public websites? Noo…….hell, you really have to gadai (pawn) your life to get a  copy.
  • Now, try writing to the Power That Be (whoever la) to seek for an appointment to get a clearer picture of the policies. Do you think you will get one, let alone a clear response? I think it is easier to pull out teeth from the Abominable Snowman than obtaining one.
  • Some Power That Be choose their cases. I have no idea why they do that. A year ago, I lodged a takfir case with JAIS. It was a clear cut case but until now they are “still studying the case”.

Think I digressed too far from the blog title. Back to Nik Raina, hope she will be strong in facing this charges. There are so many people who are behind you. Your organization is with you. Keep your chin up.