Do You Remember Your Childhood Days With Fondness?

I was chatting with George yesterday about some childhood memories I have, usually triggered by certain smell or sight.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I remember the picnics we used to go to at this waterfall called Lata Jarum. Before the government constructed a giant hydro dam in the area, Lata Jarum was known for its beautiful waterfall and smaller rapids downstream. My mom would wake up very early in the morning to cook fried rice, fried chicken and noodles, packed them in her Tupperware and off we went.

The water was cold that you could place a can of drinks and it felt as if it just came out from the fridge.

Sometimes, the family just decided to drive over to the seaside and played in the water till sun down. At that time, the nearest seaside might be a whole day drive to Kuantan. There was no sophisticated and modern highway back then, just a regular highway that had many twists and turns.

People say that you tend to only remember good things and block away the bad memories. All things considered, I’d like to think that I had spent a great childhood. It was full of great travelling memories and spending time with family and friends.


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