Life Is Short

I met a friend who also happened to be a client about a week ago. We used to work on some projects before and have some similar network as well. As we were talking about some old acquaintances, he told me of a common friend’s passing recently. I was surprised. The lady in mentioned was a good client, a good lady and was once a prime candidate for a placement job. She was a competent and intelligent person.

What a loss to the corporate world.

That reminds me of another news sometime last year. I have been frequenting a restaurant in Bangsar for many years. The food and service were really good. It helps that I knew the Manager who also happened to be the owner’s daughter…

I stepped into the restaurant wondering why it looked like as if it was undergoing a major renovation. Apparently they were moving away. I asked for Meng Lee, the Manager from one of the passing supervisors.

He looked at me baffled. And asked for the name again and I repeated the name.

With a painful expression, he told me that Meng Lee passed away not too long ago due to cancer.

What a short life this is. Makes me reflect on my own and wonder whether people would remember me fondly or otherwise when I have passed on.


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