The Story About My Angry Bird Keychain

I sat in the upmarket tea and coffee place in Bangsar sipping my RM12.00 latte, admiring people walking by the street. The place was nice and cooling what with the full blasted aircondition. It was a comfortable place to be.

Out of nowhere, a man walked in through the glass door, carrying what I believed was key chains of all sorts. He was sweating from the sweltering heat of the streets. His clothes had seen better days, and from the way he walked, the shape of his hands and the way he tilted his head each time he spoke, this man was obviously with physical disabilities.

No one paid any attention to him. They just ignored his presence next to them and pretended that he did not exists. I was surprised that none of the bistro’s employee asked him to leave.

The next minute, he was beside me, showing this bunch of key chains -Ultra Man, Hello Kitty etc etc…and then I saw this big, yellow Angry Bird key chain.

One thing about living in the city is that, you just do not know who is being used in scams. Children, women, people with disabilities, they all have been used to solicit for money and most of the times none of the sales money go to them.

But, my house key chain was rendered a goner a few days ago. I had no other suitable key chains and I was looking for one. I looked at this guy and asked him how much. He said RM10 each. My first instinct told me that the real cost could not have been more than RM2 and this guy was ripping me off.

I told him, that’s ok, I’d pass this time.

But, then, he said something so profound that makes me think in a flash…:

  • here I am sipping a RM12 latte and it will be gone in a minute. The key chain will be with me for a good long while.
  • will I still be able to eat after I give this guy a RM10 for the key chain?

I chose the Angry Bird keychain, handed him the RM10 and he thanked me profusely before walking out to the sweltering heat.

angry bird key chain


This was what he said, “Please buy a key chain from me, for my meal of the day.”



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