Our Annus Horribilis of 2013 — and an S.O.S to start 2014!

(George) 2013, aka “Year of the Snake”, has been our economic Annus Horribilis.It is no consolation to hear that so many others have also apparently had a miserable year, financially and professionally, and are in the same boat as us. Misery does not love company – especially when company views misery as a glass half-empty … Continue reading Our Annus Horribilis of 2013 — and an S.O.S to start 2014!

Meaning Of Loyalty

I seriously think that one of the investments that Malaysian government ought to put in place pronto is to send its officers, ministers and whoever else to public speaking programs. They also ought to invest in media crisis and media relationship programs so that whatever statements that come out from those mouths will not offend … Continue reading Meaning Of Loyalty


I have been crafting the outline of this post for a long while now, not quite sure on how to put it down and nail it direct. There are just so many thoughts on this topic, and just so much feelings involve that I really have no idea where to begin. But, begin it must. … Continue reading Mortality