Boris, Cremated

Boris, as those who have been following his story, was from a vet clinic. He was abandoned by his owner there for two years before we adopted him.

And so, when we found out that the vast, open ground where we buried several other furkids have now been turned into construction area, we called back the vet clinic requesting for a cremation.

Thank you, Dr Kiew and team. Thank you for the beautiful cremation urn for Boris. The urn is now placed at the clinic next to the clinic pet dog’s urn who died many months before.

Now, I have never seen the real content inside an urn. I must say that I have now. That, is a lot of bones for a big cat…

Boris urn2

Boris urn

Pet burial area has always been a big issue for urban dwellers. Unless your garden is big enough or not cemented, there are not so many options for you. You really need to look for a place – a park, reserved jungle and God forgive us, the dumpster – the only other option is cremation.


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