Matahari And Tattoo

Sometime last week we were somewhere in Taman Megah. Coffee and an afternoon chat were what we wanted to do. It has been a stressful morning and needed the caffeine fix.

After coffee, we walked around the shop blocks admiring all the seafood restaurants, cafes, the food court. Just down the road was this huge pet store. Right after crossing towards the pet store we walked pass a tattoo shop and saw three kittens.

They all looked so serene while sleeping in a flower pot in front of the tattoo shop. But as I stroked one of them, I saw that they were not healthy at all. One of them was this beautiful calico with her right eye was with severe infection and the eye ball was so bad that it looked as if it will pop out anytime soon. The other female kitten was with bad eye infection as well.

We decided to take two of these and left the third one which was healthy as apparently they have a mommy who took a swipe at me as I tried to stroke her head.

Matahari(above) This is Matahari on the day we found her.

Tattoo(above) This is Tattoo.

We sent both of the kids to the vet the next day for medical check up and it was decided that Matahari had to be operated on for the severe eye infection.

That night, Tattoo was all alone and cried all night. I took her to the sofa and while watching tv, had her in my arms. And she slept peacefully.

Tattoo asleep

(above) Tattoo

Matahari came back home a few days after and she is now One-Eyed-Matahari!

Photo0471(above) Matahari on the day we brought him home.

The two girls are noisy lots. They can really eat and have been really lovely. I gave them this huge pink teddy bear to snuggle up to. Matahari always ended up in the poo box and it is Tattoo who would sleep on the bear’s arms.


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