What We Do On Weekends

One of the things we like to do on weekends is to do the grocery run. Doing grocery run is best when your tummy is full, so they say. So, that’s what we usually do, eat first, usually a hearty brunch, followed by bundling up the grocery bags.

Some check out counters are a breeze to go through. I must say that places such as Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Jason’s, B.I.G are pretty efficient in handling transactions. We seldom experience any price glitches and lines are usually pretty fast.

Places such as Giant are good as well. We usually go to Giant for the every day groceries and will go the the upscale ones to get fresh meat, vegetable and other White People’s stuff (in other words, George’s stuff…) such as cheese, biscuits etc as these places will have better selection of these items than Giant, Tesco or Aeon Big.

Mydin is a real challenge at the check out counter. The whole place is a real rakyat place especially over the weekend. The weighing counters will have people lining up for miles so I will usually try to get items that does not require weighing. The check out counter is long too.

Recently, we were at one of these Mydin to get some groceries and look at what my husband did while waiting for our turn at the check out counter?



He re-arranged the mint on the shelves next to the checkout counter.

My husband…


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