Annual Dinner JARO (Rao Association)

967440_10202917142633807_2058527523_n 1477017_10202916467176921_134854603_n 1481997_10202916470577006_162254127_n 1483857_10202916467456928_518286391_n 1488440_10202916718583206_289495141_n 1501906_10202916447096419_558419343_n 1503718_10202917178754710_1831915247_n 1526741_10151860864361169_494334746_n 1527836_10202917187634932_1198725141_n 1528620_10151860865606169_1099935587_n 1533281_10202917146433902_2077142725_nIt is believed that the Rao clan originated from a small place located in Rao, Sumatera, an island located in western Indonesia. A proud clan with its own distinctive language and traditional recipes, more than 600 Raos (Rawa) had gathered at the local hotel in Ampang for their annual dinner.

The dinner menu last night consisted of regular Rao recipes such as gulai lemak ayam (chicken in tumeric curry), rendang Padang among others.

My own Rao clan mostly resided in areas such as Raub, Dong, Lipis in the state of Pahang. Our dialect is a bit different that those Raos who reside in Perak for instance.


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