My Hope For 2014

The reporter whom I have been corresponding since several years ago ever since I did a CSR program with a local car manufacturer invited me to write out my 2014 hopes. The topics should touch on women and/or entrepreneurship. What can I say? There are just so many things that I sincerely hope will happen in 2014. Which is not good at all. If I have to list the 2014 hopes, here they are:

  • a better year health wise, wealth wise and career wise for the both of us
  • that the price of goods will not escalate again. Try taking RM50 to the market today and I can assure you the shopping bag will still have a lot of empty space at the bottom.
  • stop the escalation of pet food, not just human food. Imagine spending a good quarter of the human food cost on good quality pet food, and you will know what I mean.
  • that all Government websites will be friendlier and is actually in working order? And please, busy websites does not mean it will make things easier to find too.
  • entrepreneurship fund allocated at RM1.8 Billion – and yet I am not seeing it. Trying downloading the application form through the various organization’s website and you will end up with a “503 service temporarily unavailable.”
  • another 2014 hope – that all the women who are on soul-mate hunt on-line will stop being so blinking gullible. That “doctor” and “engineer” who cannot spell their own country’s names rights are scammers, scammers, scammers who just want to see your tits and yahoo-dia on the webcam, ok? Oh yeah, then screwed up your bank account too. Sheeeshhh…
  • that in 2014, the Pahang government will do something about the drainage in the state, to be specific, in Kuantan. I must have heard about the “drainage projects in progress” since I was 18. And, that, has been more than 20 odd years ago. I want to relocate to the East Coast, people!
  • that, my dearest, only daughter will smart up and start living for herself. You dont need a man to validate your existence, beauty and brain!!
  • that…prospective employers will stop saying, ‘Where are the talents?” Blind. The talents are out there!

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