I have been crafting the outline of this post for a long while now, not quite sure on how to put it down and nail it direct. There are just so many thoughts on this topic, and just so much feelings involve that I really have no idea where to begin.

But, begin it must.

Perhaps one of the most profound change that I have been trying to do for the past one year is to make sure that I will respond to someone’s email as prompt as I could get. That means, within 3 days or less. Or try to reconnect with friends of yesteryears.

Sometime late last year I went to one of our favourite restaurants in Bangsar which was famous for its seafood. The Operations Manager, her name was ML, was always around to greet us. I have been going to this restaurant ever since I was carrying Lyn and more so. And that was more than 25 years ago. ML was always there.

She was not at the restaurant when I went there. I grabbed one of the passing managers and asked him where she was. Imagine to my surprise when I was told that she passed away a few months before due to cancer…

Another lady who was working at a local GLC, lets name her Puan Z ….I knew her from a few years ago when I was called for a consulting gig with that company. We remained as friends and she was one of these competent HR practitioner I have ever known. I tried to place her in another organization sometime last year, trying to court her to another position but she declined. We promised to meet up for lunch not soon after.

As I sat with one of her ex colleagues last month, I found out that she passed away sometime mid of this year.  We did not get to have that lunch…

A few friends from my Facebook whom I knew back from school days were another stories like these. We touched base when we could and sometimes meet over lunch. Then, one day, they were gone..

Such profound effect that all these have given to me that makes me think that I should have trusted my gut feel whenever it says, “Hanie, get in touch with so-and-so.”

So, gut feels tell that to you and you follow as you would never know whether you will see that person ever again.


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