Adultery And Pregnancy, For An 18 Year Old.

In an advice column, read:

“I’m 18, a female in my second year in college. I met this man a month ago. We had sex only once, but that was a day after my safe days were done and the guy took no precautions.

My period is several weeks late. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? If so, what do I do?

How do I tell him? He’s a married man who’s only been married for nine months. If he denies responsibility, what do I do?”

The advice, who came from the Advice Columnist read:

“Much depends on your own and your family’s belief system regarding unmarried pregnancy, raising a child, or having it adopted, or whether early abortion’s acceptable or not to you, and those who matter to you. These are your decisions to make, soon.

Take a pregnancy test immediately through a pharmacy-sold kit or clinic. If it’s positive, talk to your parents, as you need their support. See a doctor for medical information, a school counsellor regarding your ability to stay in university, and your faith leader if that’s appropriate for you.
You and this man took huge risks, and now need to move quickly to get informed about the consequences and responsibilities.
If you are carrying his child, he should not be “protected” now.
You both squandered the chance to protect yourselves — him, from the fallout of his adultery, and you from becoming pregnant (or contracting an STD) before you even understand all that it means.”

Wanna hear what I have to say?

  • For an 18 year old, please be known that you are not as old and as wise as you think you are. In fact, many 18 year olds are so blinking idiots that many can’t pee straight yet, let alone having sex with a married man.
  • How much did you get paid to have sex with this man? Or, did he promised to teach you something exciting while flipping the karma sutra? (Or do you need to Google what is Karma Sutra?
  • You talked about your “safe days” and all know, meaning you did have some grey matters in between those ears. What were you thinking when you decided to have have sex with that married man?
  • Found yourself pregnant at 18 after having that 10-minute (could not be a one-night stand as he is a married man of 9 months) oh-pleasure? You can’t even feed yourself right, let alone walk to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy that rubbers for your own protection, and you want to carry a baby and raise a child?
  • The blinking 7-Eleven is always around the corner. They never, ever run out of rubbers. They have all kinds of colours, ribbed or not ribbed, always displayed at the cashier too so that your 18-year-old eyes will not missed them. Oh! The packaging is always ever so bright!

Read the entire post here.


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