Meaning Of Loyalty

I seriously think that one of the investments that Malaysian government ought to put in place pronto is to send its officers, ministers and whoever else to public speaking programs. They also ought to invest in media crisis and media relationship programs so that whatever statements that come out from those mouths will not offend the poor rakyat further.

My latest rant was inspired after reading this.


It is so sad and disheartening how some politicians are so confused by the meaning of loyalty to the country vs loyalty to a political party.

I love this country and I feel blessed to be born as a Malaysian. I am not going anywhere and so is my husband who has adopted this country to be his own. None of our 26 furkids will be relocated to some English speaking country anytime soon.

Being blindly loyal to a certain agenda is bad for the morale. My disagreement to a certain plans by the Government does not mean that I am any less of a Malaysian neither that makes me less of a supporter of the governing ruler.

Even with the minimum wage will take place in days to come, it runs in tandem if not more with other rising living costs. Toll hike, electricity hike and other necessities will take a serious toll on low and mid income earners. Me included.

Petrol price was raised up a few months ago. Yearly salary review, on average is between 3% to 5% if you were lucky. Inflation rate, it was said, stayed at 1.9% and unemployment rate stays at around 3%.

Try walking out from the house with a RM50 in your pocket, it will not stretch that far.

Let’s look at the average expenditure of a normal household:

  • Grocery: average RM200.00 per grocery buys and this limits you to normal food such as sugar, rice, oil and no fancy brands or fancy vegetable either. Another pet peeves is the hike in pet food prices too. We used to buy this particular brand of pet food where a 9kg bag will cost just slightly below RM100.00. Now we buy the same bag at around RM120.00. We need four bags of this every month…
  • House rent: average between RM1,200 to RM1,800/month
  • Electricity: average RM100 for an apartment or RM300 to RM500 if you live in a house with one/two units of aircond.
  • Water: RM100 for apartment, lesser if it is a landed property
  • Transportation: If you drive a lot, this will be a real pain for you. Toll costs, petrol and bank loan repayment will easily set you back at least RM1,500 per month. At least and I am talking about a small Malaysian brand cars…Try to look for a cheap parking in the city for less than RM5.00/hour and you will be hard pressed.
  • Personal care: unless you opt to buy the real “rakyat” no-name brands, then you are ok. Otherwise, a good deo spray to make you smell good will be around RM12.00. Standard haircut is about RM50.00 for hair saloon.
  • Eating out: unless you are a real mamak fan and does not mind curry, curry and more curry on a daily basis…

I think the rakyat has been prudent enough in their spending thus so far. We try to limit buying expensive stuff so many times in a month, try buying Made In Malaysia items which is not necessary a cheap way too as some will break after a few times of usage. We use our old vehicle, eat at home, vacationing in the country….sigh sigh sigh…

Maybe, just like Dato Sri Paduka Marina’s “You Walk The Talk”, well, walk the talk first!



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