Tattoo And Matahari Goes To The Vet

Tattoo and Matahari Matahari2The girls went to the vet yesterday for their medical check up. It was also a trip to take the stitches off from the right eye of Matahari.

The morning started off with me chasing them all over the house after their breakfast. Even after a couple of months at home, they are still skittish. Only Tattoo can be a tad friendlier than Matahari, but not that much.

Bundled them both in the cat carrier and we drove the 20 minutes drive to the vet. The road was clear as it was a Sunday. I was just hoping that the clinic will not be pack with patients and owners as it usually is.

I was wrong. The clinic was filled to the brim. However, we did not have to wait too long as one of the vets were free. Matahari struggled a little bit in my arms as the stitches came off from the lid..poor baby. But, after a few short minutes, it was all done!

Little Tattoo was also given a clean bill of health although the vet suspected that her visions will be some what limited due to the tissue scarring on her eyes.

Tattoo asleep(This was how Tattoo looked like a couple of months ago. Her eyes were quite badly damaged by the infection that it left scars on her eye balls)

Viktor and Tattoo

Viktor and Tattoo. She is quite close to Viktor. Viktor is one of the neighbour’s cats who seemed to have become a permanent feature in our home.

Viktor playing mommyViktor playing mommy to little Tattoo. He even allows her to suck on his male-boobs!


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