Moving House Again

moving house


We have about 2 more days to D-Day.

House shifting, that’s what it is all about. People say the stress of moving house is just the same as in divorce and death.

Well, I have experienced divorce; and death of my dad. Those were painful. Several times of house shifting too, so I guess that makes me a seasoned person in pain of the same kind?

Boxes are everywhere. Garbage bags are piled up outside of the gate. Never thought that you could pile up so much garbage in a short span of about 6 years.

Most of the furkids are now in cages, and only about 14 of them are still out and about. We want to minimize the noise and trauma of the noises away from the kids while shifting as there have been just so much activities happening at home.

Well…this is good. New house in a new year is definitely good.


Touching Photos, Touching Lives

A picture, they say, says a thousand words.

No need for elaborate sentences, but a brief description is enough to bring out the emotion. I found this link that conveys such strong human emotions that I just have to share this.

Touching photos.

Enjoy and dont forget to ready the tissues first!

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

In a recent radio interview session by BFM89.9 on entrepreneurship, I was asked what (animal, plant, etc.) are you most like?

I said, “I am an oak – strong, resilient. Oak trees have deep roots that come rain or shine, winter, drought- it looks as if it is dying but it is not”.

2013 was not a very good year for the family – career and financial wise. It was fraught with disappointments, one after another. A major project that was supposed to take off in the first quarter of 2013 never took off due to insufficient financial resources of the client. Then, there was this client whom we found out was and still is a major fraud who had cheated people by the millions, and still walking around as a free man. But then, that is another story to tell on another fine day.

The furkids got sick one by one, several crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I still mourn of them. The flowers died, even the money plant that you thought could grow in the Sahara; the grass outside of the gate turned to brown and dry away, just like my heart each time I see them;  even the rambutan tree which were fruiting all throughout the years just simply refused to bear any fruit. It was as if trying to tell us that there was something seriously wrong with something, whatever they are.

I felt side lined. Empty. Demotivated. Dejected. A failure.

There I was on the stage as one of the key panellists in this women forum on entrepreneurship sharing my old success stories of building the empire that crossed the length and breadth of Malaysia. At the same time I was comforting myself how this success can always be created again and again.

“Resilient, dear Self”, I said.

“Be strong, bounce back better and stronger than ever, dear Self”.

“You have done it many times over and you can do it again”.

There were so many times when I could not see in the dark that chocked my breath but as God might have planned His way to show the power He has, He gave a peek of the end of the tunnel. As each day passes by, the light just got bigger and bigger.

I could see it. I could taste it in my mouth. I could feel it in my bones.

Success. Again.

Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. This time higher and better.

There is still a journey to be made towards the end of this tunnel but I can see it. It is getting brighter and brighter.

I just knew it.

Farewell To A Friend (Tribute To Pak Ngah Ben)

I am truly lost for words on how to say farewell to this friend.

 A humble man who had dedicated his life to rescuing, saving and helping stray cats, Pak Ngah Ben was a well known man among the circle of rescuers. He had rescued so many strays, cared and nursed them back to health and treat them with so much love.

His rescued strays, from ugly and sick cats turned into such beautiful cats that people thought they were of high breed.

It was quite late in the evening of Friday, 31 December 2014 when another close friend, Emi called my mobile. George and I were returning back home from one of our evening drives. That was when she shared the news that our friend has just passed away after Maghrib prayers.

We promptly make a detour and drove to the other side of the city to his house. It was already 11.30 pm. We arrived at his apartment but was told by the neighbour that his jenazah (remains) was sent to the nearby surau.

There were a lot of people there. I approached the wife, Mak Ngah and we both broke down. And next to us was the remain of Pak Ngah, covered in batik sarung and looking as if he was in deep slumber. The Al Quran readings around us were drowning my thoughts.

It was too terrible to accept the loss as I just saw his FB posting not more than 5 hours ago. He was there, and then, he was gone.

This evening, as I perused old photographs of the various events we had joined together, I realized that there was no picture of us together. The last visit to his house was after the Eidil Fitri last year when we paid him, his wife and the furkids a visit.

Widdy at Pak Ngah Ben's houseThis was taken during that visit. The furkid I was holding was named Widdy, a stray that now looked like a Persian or some exotic looking cat, thanks to his daddy.

A real loss to the rescue circle, and to friends who appreciate him for his friendship.

Rest in peace, Pak Ngah. We will all miss you.