Moving House Again

moving house


We have about 2 more days to D-Day.

House shifting, that’s what it is all about. People say the stress of moving house is just the same as in divorce and death.

Well, I have experienced divorce; and death of my dad. Those were painful. Several times of house shifting too, so I guess that makes me a seasoned person in pain of the same kind?

Boxes are everywhere. Garbage bags are piled up outside of the gate. Never thought that you could pile up so much garbage in a short span of about 6 years.

Most of the furkids are now in cages, and only about 14 of them are still out and about. We want to minimize the noise and trauma of the noises away from the kids while shifting as there have been just so much activities happening at home.

Well…this is good. New house in a new year is definitely good.



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