The New House

Day 14 at the new house No. 75.

Has it been that long since we moved in? The days just passed by so quickly in the last several weeks. First, the shift itself. Second, shifting all 27 furkids, which will take another blog to tell. Then, last weekend the contractors came to do install the security grills and the curtain rods.

And we are still living out of boxes and suit cases….

We celebrated George’s Big Birthday in the new house too. Emi and Jaja brought this awesome cake and we all had briyani bought from JM Briyani. Very low but I do hope my darling hubby will be patient enough to wait for a good weekend when we both can go out and have a bigger post birthday celebration.

George birthday

(picture from Emi’s FB).

George has also started on his new project with a client since early late February. I have started on one main project with a client too and awaiting for several more in the pipeline. This has been good progress so far, just a few minor hiccups here and there.

Travelling to work or to the city has been….a bit of challenge especially in the morning. The actual drive does not take that long. It is just the traffic is a real nightmare. On some good days, it will take us about 1.5 hours to reach KL Sentral. Last week, it was 3 hours. Returning home via the Sg Buloh road will take us forever. Another option is via Latar which will take us home in about an hour provided we leave early enough.



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