I Met Wonderful People Today When The Car Broke Down

Bessy-Bruce, our Chini-green, veteran 20 year old Wira broke down. It got over heated yesterday when we drove back. Driving on North-South Highway with an over-heated car was no funny business so we had to pull over at the nearest petrol station. Checked the water , the fan and topped up the black oil. Everything seemed to be fine.

It was cranky again as we were on Jalan Duta heading towards KL Sentral. The temperature gauge was going crazy. Again, had to pull over and waited until it cooled down before checking things under the hood. The radiator was not working apparently. The sprouting access water was brown.

Not good.

After our last attempt to fill the radiator with water, off we went, dropped off George and I ambled slowly to Bangsar trying to look for the nearest workshop. The first one I went to wanted to charge me an arm and a leg, even had the cheek to start cleaning up the engine even before I gave them the green light. By that time, the sun was high in the sky and the weather was hot. My insides were boiling higher and had no time to deal with these. Decided to leave the car at a parking lot and started to walk around scouting for another place to get the car fix.

But, before anything else, tummy needed food.


This plate of rice, fried fish and vegetable laden with beautiful curry was my lunch. Downed with a glass of ice tea, it only cost me RM4.00…I did not know such cheap and tasty food still exists in Kuala Lumpur. Located at the corner end of the  row of makan stalls in Lucky Garden, this stall has been operating at the same place for more than 25 years I think. The old uncles are still cooking there ever since I found about this many years ago.

Anyways, here is the culprit to the car break down today.

radiator fan motor

The radiator fan motor.

You might be wondering who were the wonderful people I met today? Well, while waiting for the car to be fixed, I observed there were a few stray cats around, lounging around the area and looking well fed as well. As Lucky Garden is considered as a “settled” area where the residents have been there since the 70’s. Next thing I knew, I saw this two cats following an old Indian chap. They waited patiently outside of a pet store while this guy went in. A few minutes later, he came out with several cans of premium cat food, opened them up and fed the cats. An elderly lady passed by, they said hellos and she walked straight to the workshop I was in. Apparently she is the wife of the mechanic who was fixing my car. From the way they exchanged the greetings, looked like they are familiar with each other. We all exchanged smiles and said that the cats are the guy’s kids as he has been feeding them often.

I got to know of this guy’s name. His name is Mr Ariapalan who used to work in LLN until he retired many years before. He has 3 cats at home and love animals. We chatted for a good half hour, just talking about stuff.

That aunty the menchanic’s wife joined us and said that their son has been feeding stray cats in the neighboourhood too.

The car was fixed and time to pay for the bill. It was not as damaging as I had thought but the surprise came when the aunty/wife of mechanic/cashier told me of the labour cost. Only RM20.00. No way. I felt guilty.

Said that she will not charged anyone expensively as I have been driving from Kuala Selangor. Furthermore the car is not a top-line make and….she likes the fact that I like cats too. Even showed her the cat food in the trunk.

I left feeling awed with all these people.


Toxic People


The last few days were somewhat stressful in the client’s office due to me having to manage a certain person who could not decide whether she was an employee, a vendor, associate or someone who works on referral.

She referred a business opportunity to the client but refused to provide any other detail. She did not ask all the right questions from end client and that hampers us to provide relevant feedback and quote. It was a clear cut case for me from Day 1 that she was on referral and hence we need to know who we are billing to. But of course, Ms Toxic does not want to have any of this conversation as it is offensive to her.

Talk about different expectations and different ways of communication. It was toxic communication from Day 1. Well, what do you expect from a toxic person?

The slide decks which came as a standard branding from client’s office was heavily criticized in her toxic emails and she took the liberty to change stuff inside there.

What she failed to realized was that the slide decks were created by the CEO of the company – my client.

Took this matter up with the client and was addressed appropriately via Skype. She felt there was nothing wrong with her doing what she did; even said that she was looking at things from fresh perspectives.

I am not recommending anymore info to go out to her and if she doesnt like it?

Tough luck.

The Big Four Five



I want one of these babies. Great for that weekend ride to the East Coast with the Hubby.

George told me that one of his friends who has just entered her late forties bought a Triumph bike to celebrate it.

Mid life crisis?



Being An Entrepreneur As Richard Branson Put It

opportunity richard bransonIt was a strange afternoon, and interesting, somewhat, today.

I went out to meet someone for a catch-up. She works in this Big 5 consulting firm for many years, and survived so far. And yet, she envied me for what I have done since 18. She wanted to do all of the things I did and yet, she said, she didnt think she could.

I did a lot of things since I was 18. And that DID NOT include graduating from a UK university and securing less than 3 employed jobs in this lifetime. Not because of a lack of opportunity, but I was instead busy enjoying all of the opportunities presented themselves to me.

Would I have done things differently if I were to take up the Australian or the UK studies or the study sponsorship to Japan? I dont know. Maybe yes, maybe no.

In some ways, it was great to be acknowledged that what you did and do makes a lof of difference to many people to a point it becomes and envy to some.

Like I said, it was a strange afternoon, and interesting too, somewhat.