Being An Entrepreneur As Richard Branson Put It

opportunity richard bransonIt was a strange afternoon, and interesting, somewhat, today.

I went out to meet someone for a catch-up. She works in this Big 5 consulting firm for many years, and survived so far. And yet, she envied me for what I have done since 18. She wanted to do all of the things I did and yet, she said, she didnt think she could.

I did a lot of things since I was 18. And that DID NOT include graduating from a UK university and securing less than 3 employed jobs in this lifetime. Not because of a lack of opportunity, but I was instead busy enjoying all of the opportunities presented themselves to me.

Would I have done things differently if I were to take up the Australian or the UK studies or the study sponsorship to Japan? I dont know. Maybe yes, maybe no.

In some ways, it was great to be acknowledged that what you did and do makes a lof of difference to many people to a point it becomes and envy to some.

Like I said, it was a strange afternoon, and interesting too, somewhat.


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