Toxic People


The last few days were somewhat stressful in the client’s office due to me having to manage a certain person who could not decide whether she was an employee, a vendor, associate or someone who works on referral.

She referred a business opportunity to the client but refused to provide any other detail. She did not ask all the right questions from end client and that hampers us to provide relevant feedback and quote. It was a clear cut case for me from Day 1 that she was on referral and hence we need to know who we are billing to. But of course, Ms Toxic does not want to have any of this conversation as it is offensive to her.

Talk about different expectations and different ways of communication. It was toxic communication from Day 1. Well, what do you expect from a toxic person?

The slide decks which came as a standard branding from client’s office was heavily criticized in her toxic emails and she took the liberty to change stuff inside there.

What she failed to realized was that the slide decks were created by the CEO of the company – my client.

Took this matter up with the client and was addressed appropriately via Skype. She felt there was nothing wrong with her doing what she did; even said that she was looking at things from fresh perspectives.

I am not recommending anymore info to go out to her and if she doesnt like it?

Tough luck.


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