Jaded About Life

It was a glorious morning today. The sun shone so brightly and the traffic was, well, as usual heavy. We took the usual 2 hour or so drive from home to wherever fringe of the city. And this morning was in Phileo Damansara to meet someone who has a big name in the education industry. I have admired him from afar due to his successes in building an education hub where I think, at least in my mind, revolutionary.

There he was, in his jeans and shirt ala Richard Branson. Serving us drinks in his ala Google office. It was love at first sight with his office when I first visited sometime last month.

Then, this Man talked. Visionary, quick paced, thoughtful in his responses, just like many leaders whom I have met in my career. Then, we talked about youth and his education hub’s activities in helping these young folks finding the niche in their career lives.

I went away disappointed with his views. I just feel that he has been jaded with life and feel that many of these youngsters are with no hope to help them get the right career.

Youth/young people are exactly that. They think they know everything, and yet they know nothing. Some are lucky enough to be able to carry through their schooling days until university days with no problem, thanks to mom and dad who worked day and night.

Then, there are those who are just bored with conventional educational life. They want to do something different from what their parents have preached them or what the society has dictated them to be. To be what, they still have not found out.

It is those who are in the capacity to help and do something and can do something should guide and mentor these young people.

After all, were we not young before?


Life Is…..

The weekend went passed so quickly. The weather was nice and hot, a great weather to be by the beach if you ask me. However, it was not meant to be. We were still at home, doing some house work and G was caught up with deadlines.

Planted several rows of pretty flowers that I bought from Kew Nursery. Looking forward to add several more herb plants at the back of the kitchen. The calamansi plant is looking good now with new fruit coming out from the lovely branches.

Jaja our friend have gone back to East Coast to attend some family matters and that left Emi quite alone with their 14 giant furkids. She decided to invite a friend, H, over the weekend.

22, young and painfully shy, that was how I could describe H. A year younger than Lyn, I saw her for the first time several weeks before when the two girls just moved in to their new home which so happened to be behind ours.

For several nights, she would come by with Emi for dinner. I would cook and we all would eat and chatted about stuff. Then, I’d go over to Emi’s house to watch Astro as we still have not install ours. Quietly strong with a mind of her own, she talked about the death of her father sometime late last year. Of her younger sister who is still in search of a suitable course to continue her studies, of her relatives who have been bullying her mother after her father’s death…I saw a determined young lady who wanted to change her life and that of her family and protect the dignity of her now single mother.

And she is doing all these while fighting for her own life. H, as I was told, is on Stage 3 tongue cancer. I did not realize how far she was until she casually mentioned it over dinner. I was loss for words. That explained why she ate so slowly and she spoke in such calculated manner. She was quite selective over her food as certain type of food could trigger the cancer cells. She reads voraciously to update herself with info on her condition.

All I saw was a 22 year old young woman who is younger than our daughter.

My heart went to her and quietly prayed for her well being. I prayed for Emi’s well being. She has the most compassionate heart. Lastly, I prayed for the well being of myself and my family.