Ramadhan In 2014

Salam Ramadhan to my family and friends. Today is the first day of the holy month. The weather has been really hot and note to self is, keep rehydrate by not doing gardening in the middle of the hot sun.

This will also be our first Ramadhan at the new place. We have not nailed down our Eidil Fitri plan just as yet but I think a drive to the East Coast is on the agenda. We both have not been on a real holiday since last year and so this break would be ideal to do this.

The first Iftar today morning was simple. I prepared chicken wrap – the ingredients were simple, ayam masak kunyit and laced with home made hot salsa that I have prepared earlier in the evening.

Talking about Eidil Fitri, I told George of one of my past regrets in the previous life. Each year, the family would spend our first day of Eidil Fitri at the in-laws place. For umpteenth years we were like that. We will only drive back to Pahang on the second or third day. It was some kind of expectation that we had to do this.

And my dad never say a word.

Not until after he passed away, that one of my aunties told me that my dad was not the least happy with this. He wondered why i have never spent the first day of Eidil Fitri at his house.

I was sad, realizing that I have never stood my ground on this matter. But it was all too late as there was no more Eidil Fitri to be spent with this man.

When I became a single mom a few years ago, I make it a point to create a new norm where my daughter will spend her first day of Eidil Fitri at home, with me, FIRST before going off to her father’s family home. I told her that until she has her own family, this will be the practice.

Being a single mom taught me lots of things. One thing important is, to hold your ground but make sure you are doing it not out of malice. This way, hopefully my daughter will learn that you can the tradition but it will evolve with time.

For the past several years, we have been celebrating our first Eidil Fitri together at home. I would cook, George and Lyn will set the table. We would clean up the house days before that too.

It is good to be able to set a new tradition for the family which is also new.


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