5th Day of Ramadhan

5th day of Ramadhan. Still no heavy rain.

Yesterday we were supposed to have a mini pot luck with the BFFs/neighbours and The Girl. This was because we just simply wanted to have a day breaking fast together as family and friends. It was also The Girl’s last day at her work place before jumping into the “corporate lifestyle” work soon in the middle of the month. And, hey! I even took a one-day leave from the hectic work.

The plan was perfect. We were supposed to go out to meet a friend at 2pm, then quick stop at Publika for some quick groceries, then pick up The Daughter before driving home. It is not easy to get a day like this during the fasting month.

However, it started to rain cats and dogs around 4.30pm. The drive to The Curve from Solaris Dutamas was long and painful. The short drive took us more than an hour before we reached to what looked like another set of jam just right before the MRT construction in Pelangi Damansara.

So, decided to activate the Plan B which is to break fast outside. What a real bummer.

The Curve is not exactly a cheap makan place either but looked like most of the places were full. Leko The Indonesian restaurant stopped taking in reservations since early. We finally settled for Sakai Sushi…

sigh..beggars cant be choosers….


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