The Day I Acted In A Video

What a blast!

The latest project we did for a client was totally awesome.

The projects started off about 2 months ago when a friend referred us to one of his friends for a new project with one of these local government agencies. One thing led to another and one day we were called to join their team to do the actual pitching. The project was to develop a certain human resource content in a video format which is meant for the SMEs in Malaysia. The real acid test came in as a form of pitching for our ideas to the approval committee who happened to be consisted of several wet towels….

No pressure there….

Move forward to several pitchings, endless meetings, sleepless nights and mugs of coffee, finally we were told that the pitch was successful!

Next many weeks were spent with endless meetings, sleepless nights and mugs of coffee to actually develop the content, and translate them to meaningful script – both in Bahasa Malaysia and English version.

Ok, again like I pressure at all……(gulp!)

The “real” work came in when the creative crew started assembling to shoot the video. It was amazing to see how these creative people behind the scenes work. A dedicated bunch of people, professional and fun to be with – these are the kind of clients you really want to work with again, and again and again. Thanks, Shatish and crew!

The video shoots were planned as 2+1 meaning they plan to shoot the entire scenes within 2 days with 1 extra day. The Project Manager had managed to secure a site for the shoot. It was at this beautiful office of a property development somewhere in the city.

When we arrived on site, the crew were already there. Breakfast buffet was beautifully lined up. I discovered that food is always an important aspect when filming. As you tend to be on site for as long as 18-20 hours, seems that if you have crew with happy tummies, you will do fine. The day started REALLY early. The filming just went on and on and we wrapped up around 2 am. Everyone was exhausted.

The second day started off really early as well. The day went longer but lunch was one heck of this great spread!! The fresh mackerel was cooked with love in this lovely masak asam Melaka style.

We wrap up late…it must have been about 5 am when we did…Now, the thing is, one of the talents was not approved as the HR Manager and the Director had asked me to jump in. Errr….excuses were not working.

So, there I was, acting with the scripts that George and I wrote together….


Well…what can I say… was an awesome, awesome, awesome experience! Nothing beats seeing whatever you wrote came out so visually stunning and fleshed out as what you had in your mind….famous actors acting out your script and you were there to saviour every moment….

Did I just say, “Awesome!!!”?

film shooting 1157387_10152303216015947_4720878428537456945_n 1912068_10152303216215947_9047406662821164419_n 10006923_10152303216835947_7220918862654618479_n 10351333_10152300042550947_9015548560242706369_n 10462616_10152303216800947_3316283759726058702_n10613076_10152303217045947_1524861729372032803_nme and nadiame and tony



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