2015 Is Here.

2014 – recovery year 2015 – come back year 2016 – sustainability year I cannot for the life of me remember whether I make any new year resolution for 2014 but I knew then that one of the things I needed to do was to make 2014 a “recovery” year. Recovery from a truly challenging … Continue reading 2015 Is Here.

Pre Christmas 2014

Yes, we wish our friends and family members Merry Christmas. Yes, we eat turkey or chicken or beef on Christmas Day. Yes, we went out to buy turkey at around RM250 a bird. Yes, we send out e-greetings to friends and family members. Yes, we bought candy canes and other Christmas stuff because they are … Continue reading Pre Christmas 2014

Bessy-Bruce The Car

Last Saturday. 7 am. We started off early for Bangi to run our training session for the graduates. As we near the traffic light entering the LATAR highway, dear ole Bessy-Bruce gave several big coughs, and died. There. Just there. At the junction. Busy junction. With cars and trucks behind us for miles (ok so … Continue reading Bessy-Bruce The Car