2015 Is Here.

2014 – recovery year

2015 – come back year

2016 – sustainability year

I cannot for the life of me remember whether I make any new year resolution for 2014 but I knew then that one of the things I needed to do was to make 2014 a “recovery” year. Recovery from a truly challenging 2013. I remember that we didnt go anywhere then. Watched TV and then slept throughout the night.

Tonight, despite the toothache that has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks, we went out to the Setia Alam City Mall for a nice new year dinner and a movie date. We were supposed to fly off/drive off to somewhere for the holidays. Instead, duty calls and we are in KL for most of it.

Inspired by my friend, Ms M’s resolution, perhaps mine would almost sound the same as hers, though with some twist. 2015 also means a big bang year for us, or so the plan. Here goes:

  • Be less social for 2015. Not that we are being social nowadays but think we prefer less of human contacts. Too much drama. And noise.
  • Travel more and more importantly travel back to Canada for the summer.
  • Be better in health.
  • Learn a new language. French? Spanish? German?



Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

merry xmas2014

Last night I stayed on till quite late to finish off the book – Queen’s Gambit, a book on Queen Katherine the last queen of King Henry. The night was quiet, and I could hear gentle rain drops outside.

It is afterall the rainy season in most parts of Malaysia.

It will be a wet holiday season for most.

Pre Christmas 2014

Yes, we wish our friends and family members Merry Christmas.

Yes, we eat turkey or chicken or beef on Christmas Day.

Yes, we went out to buy turkey at around RM250 a bird.

Yes, we send out e-greetings to friends and family members.

Yes, we bought candy canes and other Christmas stuff because they are a novelty and so delicious.

Yes, we went to pre Christmas parties.

Yes, we took the trouble to wake up at 2 am to call family and friends and wish them the best of the holidays because they live in different part of the world THAN Malaysia.

Yes, yes, yes.

And, no, we are yet to be converted into another religion.

Got totally riled up over some idiotic news on the 19th December 2014 on how the “Christians are out to convert the Muslims in mass through Christmas celebration.”

Read the full write up here.

The life of a mixed marriage couple is different than an average Melayu families. There are more things to be considered. Christmas is no longer just seen as a religious celebration but many have treated it as a time when families gather and catch up with each other. This is a time when old friends meet up and celebrate the holidays when the rest of the year was spent working their asses off.

Christmas was celebrated in this country as long as I could recall. I remember when I was in school – the Methodist Girls School – back in Raub, Pahang. We sent greeting cards to friends and visited their open houses.

When I started working, celebrating Christmas was part of the working culture. And so was celebrating the Chinese New Year, Deepavali and many other celebrations.

Strange that somehow some folks nowadays think that the Muslims’ faith is so fragile that they cannot this and that.

Cannot this.

Cannot that.




Michael Buble In Kuala Lumpur!!!!!

Reliable sources says that one of my absolute favourite artistes, the suave looking Canadian singer-writer, Michael Buble will be in Kuala Lumpur.

The date, I was told is 27 January 2017.

Michael Buble

This piece of news, uh, is PRETTY exciting!

Bessy-Bruce The Car

Last Saturday. 7 am.

We started off early for Bangi to run our training session for the graduates. As we near the traffic light entering the LATAR highway, dear ole Bessy-Bruce gave several big coughs, and died. There. Just there. At the junction. Busy junction. With cars and trucks behind us for miles (ok so I was exaggerating). And we were supposed to be somewhere damn important within the next couple of hours.

Not good.

Finally, after a brief call to the LATAR Helpline (which I can tell was quite a hilarious conversation, will get to that in a moment) the LATARAssist officer came by with his big bike and helped push the car to the side of the road with some help from a passerby.

It was still way too early for anyone to wake up on a Saturday so calls to several tow trucks were not very successful. The Officer finally managed to help us found one which was from Batang Kali. Managed to call the regular workshop we send the car to and told the mechanic that we are sending Bessy-Bruce that early morning.

1554452_10152535393231169_5629290081316004001_n 10425365_10152546423466169_1640744920833188472_n 10541013_10152546426036169_6967823754364916640_n 10806407_10152534923066169_931391707396132034_n

First few days, we decided to rent a car to move around. Got a Persona. Nice drive. Then had to revert to the workshop’s loaned car. I can tell you that machine looks like it just stepped out from the Fast and Furious movie what with big muffler and everything! Oh, did I mentioned that it is also a manual….??


(pixs credit to bestwallpaperhd.com)

It has been a week now. Yesterday we popped by the workshop to see the progress on jobs done. With major works done on the car – change of engine and other stuff, looks like there will be thinner pockets next week!

December Is Here. Really.

Wow! Time flies!Just a few days ago we were somewhere in Bangsar and I looked at all the Christmas lights. I thought of Christmas and how it felt only like several months back. It was. It was a good almost 12 months ago!

This year has been a tremendous change from what we had gone through in 2013. Last year was a miserable, challenging year. It was as if everything that happened were mockeries of what we had worked for. Even the flowers died and the grass outside of the gate died.

How bad can you get?

2014, as I call it, a recovery year. We relocated. Flowers bloom again. Business is gaining momentum. But, a lot of hard work. We earned a few new friends but I think we lost a few too…but that is ok. We try not to have toxic people around.

They will drag you to die along with them.

The Daughter finally decided to be engaged to the boy whom she has been seeing for a while. Ok, that’s another story altogether, and will be told in another blog.

George just completed a few exciting projects and a few more in the pipeline. As for me, I really want to wrap up the year with a nice, deserving holiday somewhere I can chill in front of the ocean, dig my toes in the sand and not think of deadlines. Where I can savour this nice, succulent seafood to my heart’s content. Or steak. Whichever is good.

December used to be dreary as I recall. It still does, in a way. But not too much. It feels exciting too somewhat.

Strange but it does.

Here’s something from Michael Buble to sign off for the evening.