December Is Here. Really.

Wow! Time flies!Just a few days ago we were somewhere in Bangsar and I looked at all the Christmas lights. I thought of Christmas and how it felt only like several months back. It was. It was a good almost 12 months ago!

This year has been a tremendous change from what we had gone through in 2013. Last year was a miserable, challenging year. It was as if everything that happened were mockeries of what we had worked for. Even the flowers died and the grass outside of the gate died.

How bad can you get?

2014, as I call it, a recovery year. We relocated. Flowers bloom again. Business is gaining momentum. But, a lot of hard work. We earned a few new friends but I think we lost a few too…but that is ok. We try not to have toxic people around.

They will drag you to die along with them.

The Daughter finally decided to be engaged to the boy whom she has been seeing for a while. Ok, that’s another story altogether, and will be told in another blog.

George just completed a few exciting projects and a few more in the pipeline. As for me, I really want to wrap up the year with a nice, deserving holiday somewhere I can chill in front of the ocean, dig my toes in the sand and not think of deadlines. Where I can savour this nice, succulent seafood to my heart’s content. Or steak. Whichever is good.

December used to be dreary as I recall. It still does, in a way. But not too much. It feels exciting too somewhat.

Strange but it does.

Here’s something from Michael Buble to sign off for the evening.


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