Bessy-Bruce The Car

Last Saturday. 7 am.

We started off early for Bangi to run our training session for the graduates. As we near the traffic light entering the LATAR highway, dear ole Bessy-Bruce gave several big coughs, and died. There. Just there. At the junction. Busy junction. With cars and trucks behind us for miles (ok so I was exaggerating). And we were supposed to be somewhere damn important within the next couple of hours.

Not good.

Finally, after a brief call to the LATAR Helpline (which I can tell was quite a hilarious conversation, will get to that in a moment) the LATARAssist officer came by with his big bike and helped push the car to the side of the road with some help from a passerby.

It was still way too early for anyone to wake up on a Saturday so calls to several tow trucks were not very successful. The Officer finally managed to help us found one which was from Batang Kali. Managed to call the regular workshop we send the car to and told the mechanic that we are sending Bessy-Bruce that early morning.

1554452_10152535393231169_5629290081316004001_n 10425365_10152546423466169_1640744920833188472_n 10541013_10152546426036169_6967823754364916640_n 10806407_10152534923066169_931391707396132034_n

First few days, we decided to rent a car to move around. Got a Persona. Nice drive. Then had to revert to the workshop’s loaned car. I can tell you that machine looks like it just stepped out from the Fast and Furious movie what with big muffler and everything! Oh, did I mentioned that it is also a manual….??


(pixs credit to

It has been a week now. Yesterday we popped by the workshop to see the progress on jobs done. With major works done on the car – change of engine and other stuff, looks like there will be thinner pockets next week!


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