Pre Christmas 2014

Yes, we wish our friends and family members Merry Christmas.

Yes, we eat turkey or chicken or beef on Christmas Day.

Yes, we went out to buy turkey at around RM250 a bird.

Yes, we send out e-greetings to friends and family members.

Yes, we bought candy canes and other Christmas stuff because they are a novelty and so delicious.

Yes, we went to pre Christmas parties.

Yes, we took the trouble to wake up at 2 am to call family and friends and wish them the best of the holidays because they live in different part of the world THAN Malaysia.

Yes, yes, yes.

And, no, we are yet to be converted into another religion.

Got totally riled up over some idiotic news on the 19th December 2014 on how the “Christians are out to convert the Muslims in mass through Christmas celebration.”

Read the full write up here.

The life of a mixed marriage couple is different than an average Melayu families. There are more things to be considered. Christmas is no longer just seen as a religious celebration but many have treated it as a time when families gather and catch up with each other. This is a time when old friends meet up and celebrate the holidays when the rest of the year was spent working their asses off.

Christmas was celebrated in this country as long as I could recall. I remember when I was in school – the Methodist Girls School – back in Raub, Pahang. We sent greeting cards to friends and visited their open houses.

When I started working, celebrating Christmas was part of the working culture. And so was celebrating the Chinese New Year, Deepavali and many other celebrations.

Strange that somehow some folks nowadays think that the Muslims’ faith is so fragile that they cannot this and that.

Cannot this.

Cannot that.





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