Back To School

“23,000 English language teachers to undergo training to improve efficiency.” So screams the Sun newspaper headline dated 28 January, 2015. Ok, so fine, they want them to go through all these training so that the teachers can be on par with their peers in England. Which is fine and dandy. But, they are forgetting that … Continue reading Back To School

Pray For East Coast

The weather was bad, it rained every day, sometimes continuously for the entire day and night. That was the start of the monsoon season in November 2014. The rush of water from the hills and the rivers came in mercilessly on 26 December 2014. The entire network in the East Coast was incapacitated. This was … Continue reading Pray For East Coast

Don’t Be Stupid

I am a member of this particular FB group whose members consist of single mothers and ladies who have remarried. Managed by a good friend of mine who also happens to be a single mom herself, this group is…interesting. A few days ago, one of the ladies, a single mom with 2 kids posted a … Continue reading Don’t Be Stupid


Who would think that a tooth ache could make you: lost work productivity feel youve lost your brain feeling more sensitive than usual low tolerance level to any noise especially screeching kids in malls low desire to do anything but to sleep (sleep induced by painkiller that was described as similar to Tylenol 3. Anything … Continue reading Toothache