2015 – First Posting

Still on the new year story.

George took me out on the eve of the new year’s day. Really did not want to battle the traffic and the heavy run as well as the long drive so we opted to go to Setia City Mall. Fast becoming another favourite mall of ours, this huge mall sits right in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by nothing but vast development land, the mall has enough interesting makan places including a movie theater, karaoke and bowling alleys.

As we arrived in the early evening, the mall was started to look pack with night time revellers. Fortunately we easily found a parking spot and decided to have dinner first. It was a toss between Dancing Fish or Tony Roma’s but Asian food won for the night so the Dancing Fish it was. A high end Malay-Indo restaurant, we used to visit their outlet at the Bangsar Shopping Complex. The food was good and ambiance was nice. The starter was kereduk, a mixed of several types of vegetable such as cucumber, long beans and cabbage tossed in special peanut sauce and other herbs. Very refreshing and delightful. For mains, we ordered the steamed rice to accompany the beef rendang, fried kailan oyster sauce and cumi belado goreng which was essentially wok-fried squids in sambal.

To wash all these wonderful food down, G ordered his sirap selasih and I had the humble warm water…

The toothache did not stop me at all to enjoy the food with “half chew” and many ouchhhh!! and ahhhhh!!! Finally, had to stop as the pain was quite unbearable and had to pop a pain killer.

cumi sambal belado George kailan and beef rendang keredok

The new year night was not going to be complete if not for a movie date with my darling. As usual, no booking made for the tickets but that was only a minor issue. The latest movie on screen – Seventh Son – with exciting casts such as Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and the brooding-looking actor Kit Harrington. Good for entertainment if you just want to watch a movie but do not expect anything spectacular or thought provoking film out of this.

Photo1427The pretty trees came to life with fairy lights.


Me and my darling! Saying goodbye to 2014 and hello 2015.


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