Don’t Be Stupid

I am a member of this particular FB group whose members consist of single mothers and ladies who have remarried. Managed by a good friend of mine who also happens to be a single mom herself, this group is…interesting.

A few days ago, one of the ladies, a single mom with 2 kids posted a rather interesting question. She wrote that she is dating a guy who was divorced from his wife for 12 years. The guy is keen to marry her but he is also keen to get back to his ex wife.

Whom he had divorced 12 years ago.

Blinking 12 years ago.

The Malay has a name for this kind of behaviour. It is called “gila talak“, meaning desperate to get back at one’s ex spouse till you go mental.

Nice description, huh?

So,her question was, “Should I marry this guy?”

I mean, woman, where’s your brain? Is your bed freezing that bad every night? Or desperate for a man’s touch that makes you become stupid?

Oh. Wait. She also added that his friend said this guy was never seen with another woman, except this time around with this lady. Uh. And, your point is? For a mere few words, you have left your brain and logic behind?


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