Who would think that a tooth ache could make you:

  • lost work productivity
  • feel youve lost your brain
  • feeling more sensitive than usual
  • low tolerance level to any noise especially screeching kids in malls
  • low desire to do anything but to sleep (sleep induced by painkiller that was described as similar to Tylenol 3. Anything higher is morphin..)
  • lesser tolerance to any crap
  • sleep
  • sleep
  • sleep

I could not even think of dinner menu! For 3 blinking weeks that started off just before Christmas and went through the new year, I was like a walking zombie. The culprit was a cracked tooth or split tooth syndrome. Chewing was painful so liquid diet it was. As the antibiotic prescribed by the dentist kicked in, the swelling went down and the pain lessened to somewhat a tolerable degree.

Finally, after agonising 5 days of trying to bring the swelling down with further pain killers and antibiotic, the day to pay the dentist came. Dr Ju who happened to be an ex classmate was the best dentist.

10 minutes and it was over.

That’s it.

3 days later I got my brain back.


The culprit.


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