Pray For East Coast

The weather was bad, it rained every day, sometimes continuously for the entire day and night. That was the start of the monsoon season in November 2014. The rush of water from the hills and the rivers came in mercilessly on 26 December 2014.

The entire network in the East Coast was incapacitated.

Photo1322This was taken at the beach of Taman Tasik Gelora, Kuantan, Pahang. Dated 17 December 2014. G and I were in Kuantan for a short work trip. It rained the whole day and for the next 3 days. By the time we went back, Kuantan town was flooded and the water level had risen in major parts of the East Coast. As of 29th December 2014, the most affected states were Kelantan, Pahang, Johor, Terengganu, Perak and Selangor with a total evacuees of 225,731.

And I Thought The Flood Had Ended


I was back in Raub over the weekend to settle some personal matters. The initial drive from KL via Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway was great, the sun was shining and I could see the mountains beyond. Did a pit stop at the big Petronas stations just before entering Bentong toll and saw gadzilion convoys who were on their way to the East Coast for flood relief. The road heading towards Bentong was choked with 4-wheel drives and we got into an hour long jam at both entrances towards the town centre. Water was receding at several parts of the roadside. It took me about an hour just to pass Bentong town which normally will take me about 15 minutes only.


This was taken along the Federal Route 8 (Bentong-Raub) around 2pm. I could see dark clouds forming beyond the yonder.


I saw this as I entered Raub town. This was in front of Taman Wawasan.

It rained cats and dogs that Saturday night and had caused Sg Bentong to swell and damaged the Bentong bridge. Both ends were damage causing the bridge to be rendered dangerous for us.

This means motorists, including moi had to use an alternative road to get back to KL on Sunday.


So, there I was driving through Sertik-Mempaga 2-lane road. The road passes by small, quaint little villages and fruit orchards. Think of off-roading with a slightly better road condition and hundreds of cars, busses and lorries as your travelling companions, you will know how it is.


This was the turning exit to Mempaga road from Raub.


There were so many cars…


Even traffic jam right in the middle of no-where….


(source from The Star) This was the Bentong bridge. Kinda scary!


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