The Belated V Day Post

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Our V Day, as usual, is a drive through some kampung roads, and sometimes they do not even exist on the map. I felt like driving up North this time. Just because I miss the vast, green paddy fields that can be found in Sekinchan and the surrounding area. The day was splendid with the sun shining bright. We drove using the old Sg Buloh/Kuala Selangor road. Passing Ijok and several other smaller kampungs. No fruit stalls though as it is still early in the year.

After passing by the bridge in Kuala Selangor, then the real drive took place. You can see swaying palms and smell the ocean breeze in the air. However, unlike our beloved East Coast, the West Coast’s ocean is nothing to speak off. Made of muddy and still ocean, there is no real beach to speak of. We drove to this small beach called Pantai Redang. After driving through a small fishing village, we arrived at this hot, sandy beach. Mostly occupied by Chinese fishermen, we were amazed at how clean the beach was.

I wanted to have some cendol and G had this small can of coffee supposedly imported from Austria. My cendol was served in this big coconut. Very unusual.  Saw several dogs loitering about. Skinny dogs they were. Took out the dog food from behind the trunk and fed them.

Did not realized we drove that far until we reached Teluk Intan. I showed G the leaning tower of Teluk Intan of which, he promptly declared it The Leaning Tower of Disappointment. He was expecting the tower to be taller.

Sorry love, it is no Pisa!


The Wedding Planner

Well. What can I say. The Girl wanted to get married in the next few months. With more than two kampungs of invitees no less. No decent wedding should happen without a wedding planner, they say.

Uh huh.

Someone introduced a wedding planner to her. And what a nightmare this wedding planner has become that I told her “over my dead body” that she should hire this person!

This was the chat snapshot between the wedding planner and The Girl. Noticed the language she used and how “brilliant” her knowledge of a traditional Malay wedding. She also suggested that it is cool to order from Food Panda (is she out of her freakin’ mind?)

Check out the “berendoi set” she proposed to The Girl. Perhaps she was suggesting that the cats could be in the swing?

Berendoi, comes from the word “endoi” or swing. A baby is placed in a special swing and gently rocked to sleep.

Nowhere in this wedding ceremony that a berendoi will take place.

wedding planner chat

Holiday On My Mind…..

We both need REAL holiday. Soon.


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I want to smell the ocean, run the smooth sand in between my toes, wake up and lulled back to sleep to the sound of the crashing ocean against the shore.

I want to walk hand in hand with my darling while watching the sunset, or sunrise.

Have coffee at the patio while admiring the yonder and the specs of white tops.

No wifi, mobile phones, sms, whatsapps.

Just me and my baby…..