The Epic Drive To The East Coast (Again) – Part 1

After successfully pushing away work for about a week, we are back home in Kuala Lumpur. It was fantastic to be on the road, but it was equally great to be back home too. The house was in a mess as the cleaner was sick but at least the kids were fed, thanks to our friends/neighbour Ms J and Ms E.

There are not many of these so-called Epic Drives even though G and I did our fair share of driving all over the country. To qualify the drive as being an Epic Drive, it must have these:

  • more than 2 days’ drive
  • no real itinerary, at least for half of the trip
  • far away from the city
  • doing some really crazy stuff (read: drive/do some weird stuff while travelling)
  • no work involve

The drive started on the 24th February 2014. We headed to Raub first and stayed overnight as we had a business meeting the next day (more on this soon). It was a successful meeting to say the least. Raub, being Raub, was a dead town after 6pm. Not sure where the local folks go to amuse themselves. And to think that I am a local girl….just saying.

We left Raub in the sweltering heat heading towards Kuantan. The Epic Drive had just started and I was all excited to no end.


Penarik Beach

Penarik Beach. We took pictures on the same spot a few years ago.

stray cats at Penarik beachAs usual, we will find stray cats. Fed this furkid before we started back on our journey.

Photo2086Big oil refineries along the way.


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