There Is No Co Existence Between Animals And Humans In The Modern World

I was just going through the Saturday newspaper. As usual there are so many attractive advertisements on furniture clearance, sale on jewelleries and the latest, greatest and the mostest news is on the F1 gala dinner.

There are several pull out advertisements too. One of the caught my eyes. It was this glossy, expensive looking property advertisement. It says that the property they are developing is “creating tomorrow and beyond”. Nice. I am such a sucker for packaging and all that and this glossy pull out make me wanted to read more. The gorgeous roundabout in the development looked stunning and everything looked so..ethereal. Almost out of the world.

The guest bedrooms, it says, open out to the back garden. Very, very nice layout and infact, the picture gave me some ideas of how I want to re decorate my own bedroom.

But, it also occured to me that this development and all the gadzillion development that I saw for so many years now, are not built for families with extended family members of the fur kind.

Some have  bi laws that disallow pets whatsoever. Some housing areas have so little land to have more than a dog or a cat.

We human beings have always wanted the perfect home and have beeing trying to build the perfect homes. But what we have done also is to forget the other part of our world which is the animals. They are either kept at zoos or abandoned at wet markets or on the streets. There is no space for them in this modern world. Let alone all those bigger animals such as cows.

Even after building such perfect homes for the humans, they still bicker about space for themselves.


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