My First Plane Trip

I took my first plane trip when I was in mid teens. 14 I believe. I was then on a school holiday and my mom had sent me to stay with an uncle in the big city of Kuala Lumpur. It was terribly exciting as my uncle was then an army officer and his house was this big, rambling house with beautiful things within the army camp. Everything was new to me.

My aunty, Aunty F, at that time did a few tv dramas and she was a real celebrity. One day she had to do some filming in Penang and she bought me a ticket.

Thrilled to the core, I felt sick to my stomach that morning.

As I sat in the big flying aircraft from Subang airport, I knew this was one of things that I would enjoy doing. Never in mind I thought I would travel so much with planes within the region in one of the phases in my life.

There was no fear of flying and it was always a pleasure to see the MAS logo at the side of the plane. It feels as if I am home.

Plane Tragedy

It was sad reading about the air disasters for the past couple of years – the MH 370, flight QZ 8501 and now the most recent one, the helicopter crash in Semenyih. All the passengers including the pilot perished.

Would I Fly Again?

All these air tragedies has somewhat put a damper in our travelling plans this year and the next. I dont know what to do. Even the thought of flying to Kota Kinabalu for a short holiday is scary.


2 Replies to “My First Plane Trip”

  1. Hi Hanie, i stumbled upon your page as i was searching for catnip plant for my kitten that was rescued Last dec and now its getting really lonely and sad. He’s alone at home and now rarely eat and are always sleeping. Been trying to find it for awhile now and i cant seem to find a nursery that has it. Im staying in PJ and was wondering if its possible for you to share with me the ‘secret location’ where u pick them up at in Kelana Jaya,. I promise i wont clear the entire bunch. And will keep it to myself. I just want a few to give some entertaining stuff for him to do. Hope u dont mind me asking. Tq

  2. Hi Linda, unfortunately the entire padang where the catnip used to grow in abundance has been cleared for…sigh…development. I havent been back there for a good while but sometimes this catnip, being a hardy plant, will grow nearby the longkang. The location is easy. If you know the CGC building next to Manipal Uni in KJ? The catnip used to grow in abundance at the parking lot there. Even by the longkang besar.

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