Marital Rape Is Not A Crime, Says Government.

Wow! It has been months since I wrote something in this blog. Time flies and the next thing you know, you have taken so many pictures and it is the middle of the year.

And then, you read something in the newspaper that makes your blood boiling mad.

Government maintains marital rape is not crime.

Just because sex happened between two married people does not mean that it is consensual. Please lah. If it rape, then it is rape no matter whatever name you want to disguise it with.

This reminds me of a lady who lives in the Gombak area. Not only that she was abandoned by her Malaysian husband with 5 kids in tow, she could not also claim anything from the Welfare department due to her being non Malaysian. Living in poverty and no support, she was visited by a group of women ngo friends of mine. The next day she was supposed to appear in the family Islamic court to finalize her divorce from the husband.

Two days later, my friend called me. My heart broke when I heard that after the court hearing was over, the husband went back to the house and raped the wife. Perhaps that was his way to “teach” the wife for dragging him to court.

So, was it a rape? Not a rape?

It was ok for him to force himself onto the wife like that? Just because they are still married?

I hate it when people like these can hide between technicalities and get away from it. Justice should be what it is – to protect the innocence – and yet he get away from it.

Types of marital rape.

  • Violent rape
  • Force-only rape
  • Sadistic or obsessive rape

So which is this that says it is ok?


3 Replies to “Marital Rape Is Not A Crime, Says Government.”

  1. I wrote about marital rape today on my blog as well. Ni Mesti sebab headline Kat awani today kan.. I’m very much frustrated as well

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