The Paper Chase That I Do Not Have

(HRB blogging from the comfort of an air-cond room, her heart is yearning for a long travel to the East Coast and burying her toes in the hot, soft sand on the beach)

It is common knowledge that Steve Jobs never completed his education. His real paper qualification came in the form of a high school education and a one semester in a college. That’s it.

It would be fantastically funny to see how his resume will look like if he is ever invited to pitch for a project case with this Government agency that my team is working on right now. As usual, team members are to be screened before being admitted to the project. I am perplex as to how my training certificate from 35 years ago needed to be sighted by them.

Training certificate from 35 years ago? If whatever skills and experience that I have today (and clients are actually paying me for my services) are based from a puny training certificate from 35 years ago, then I digress.


Wombat Is Not A Pig

Do not believe me? Ask Uncle Google.

wombat baby

There is a current uproar in Malaysia, being blasted by who-else but the oh-so Melayu no less. Read about it here.

I am saddened by all these idiotic mentality that is now so prevalent in Malaysia. Instead of going forward, we are all going so backwards. With more smart phones and access to knowledge via the internet, so surprise there are still people who are just so lazy to research on a subject.

The subject in discussion is a mascot in a form of wombat. Sydney (he has a name) is the official mascot for ServeCorp, an Australian company. Now, if these people care to read a bit more about ServeCorp, they should know about the mascot. The embarassing part was when someone from DBKL said that the image is of a “beruang” (bear).

sydney mascot

This reminds me of an Eidil Fitri advertisement a few years ago which was produced by TV3 if I am not mistaken. The advertisement was showing a couple of happy children on a flying cart. They were also playing in a garden filled with flowers including lotus flowers. Seemed such an innocent ad right?

One dude who had nothing better to do during the Ramadhan said that the flying cart was a symbol of Christianity as it looked like Father Chrismas with his sledge. The lotus flowers were deemed offensive as it symbolized the Buddhist faith.

The question is, why are we like this? Why the intolerance towards others? Is there a certain food that we are eating nowadays that affects our thinking skills and making us less rationale and less accepting?

It must be the nasi lemak then. Could it be the banana leaf rice we eat on Sundays? Or the chap fan?

Something Is Missing In This Ramadhan

Every year, I would look forward to Ramadhan. It is a month of solitude, soul searching, do good, self and spiritual discovery.

This year has been different. Two weeks down after the Ramadhan starts, I am still not “feeling” or “finding” it. The mind is still spinning as fast as it could and my heart is still not at ease and calm.

What could it be?