Of Being Independent

independent quote

I was with this candidate a few days ago. We were in a cafe, deep in conversation as I was preparing her for an important interview the next day. I knew her when she was about 7 years old. Her father used to be a work colleague. I used to visit their lovely home in Petaling Jaya for Eidil Fitri. The grandmother baked the best kuih kacang (peanut cookies) I have ever tasted. Several years later, my friend and his wife were divorced. Essentially, the children grew up in between two houses. I lost contact with my friend and have not met the children in so many years. Until several months back.

Anyways, as she was telling me her experience being a wife (she got married 3 years ago), she said that there are many of her favourites activities that she doesnt do anymore.


Interesting how she described that she herself has changed to accommodate the “need” of her new home. The need to feel like a someone’s wife or someone’s staff or to fill the need to feel “belong”.


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