My Journey To Enlightenment – Pre Amble


(Departure day – 24th December 2015, KUL/Jeddah)

A good travel is a well planned one. To make it a great travel, you need a great travel partner. G has always been a great travel partner. He plans and does the nitty-gritty things. At the same time we love doing plenty of things together – exploring little places, eateries, coffee tasting and just generally soaking in the atmosphere. Recently we had an opportunity to perform our umrah together and here is the first writing of the journey.

It was a journey full of self reflections, inspirations and aspirations.

Everyone who performs their umrah has their own story to tell. For me, it was a fulfillment of my dreams for many years. “Life Before George” was so different from what I live for now. There was always a big void in my life. I wanted to perform umrah with my then-husband but I guess he was not ready at that time. So, we did not go and we left it at that. I felt empty. When we were divorced, I found myself still looking for some sort of fulfillment for my soul. A lot of soul searching and long drives on the highway.

I prayed and hope that one day, my true soul mate would come, share my life and we could go to Mecca and do our umrah together. Several years past. Garbage in. Garbage out. More soul searching. Longer drives….


One day, we just clicked. While G and I were courting, he said that if we were truly meant to be together and when are married, he would take me for umrah. I took that as a sign. A BIG sign that this is the man. So, when he proposed, I said “Yes!” That was six years ago.

I never told him of the umrah story with the ex until we got married.




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