The Preparation

Preparation for our umrah was done at the last minute. We were not sure whether we could get all the documentations done before departure date. There was the umrah visa and G’s special clearance from the Home Ministry. Our schedules were pack with back to back meetings and appointments. At the same time, several of our furkids got sick and had to be ferried to the vet. I was also looking for someone to take care of the furkids while we were away. There was the cleaners who needed to be scheduled. Then, I got sick and had to be admitted for observation. The condition mimicked a heart attack and I stayed at the emergency ward for a good long while. That will be another story all together. Never mind that the financial bit was a bit sketchy as the date looms due to the payment structure of our work.

December 2015 was a month I will never forget.

I left it to Allah’s will. If He meant it that we go, we will.

Finally, just days before we departed, we received news that both visa and clearance for G were approved. We promptly paid the balance of fees and fixed the cleaners’ schedules to come to the house. We also had our neighbour/friends to take care of the kids and the house.

The Umrah Course

One weekend.

G and I went for a half day course on umrah.



Everything was good to go.

With a couple of days to go, we found ourselves scrambling to purchase ihram attire (the attire to perform umrah), my own robes and head scarves as well as other traveling needs.

The next couple of days went by so quickly and felt so surreal. Wont really believe it till we are on the plane!


Me trying out several style and colours of head scarves.


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