A Motorbike, A Dad, A Mom and Two Babies

I drove through the city today to go to Port Dickson. My awesome client is running their yearly management retreat and has invited me to facilitate a profiling session prior to their meeting. The awesome bit is that, the venue is at this lovely colonial-style homestay facing the ocean, with a swimming pool and with 5 HUGE bedrooms, it is a rather big but homely place to reconnect, rejuvenate and plan.

Ok, so, I am here now writing not so much about the retreat. But more about what I saw as I drove through the city.


There was a family of four who was on a small motorbike, riding through the traffic. The mom was cradling a baby of most probably aged a few months old, and a little daughter about 3 or 4 years old sitting in the basket in front of the dad. She wore no helmet and looked obliviously happy with the wind in her hair…such innocence, I thought.

All these on the same road filled with Mercedes, Jaguar, Porche, Bentley and whatever else.

I was not sure how exactly I felt at that moment, but I know for sure one feeling was there – sadness.


2 Replies to “A Motorbike, A Dad, A Mom and Two Babies”

  1. I was thinking quite the same thing this morning. The coincidence is uncanny! I meant to write it somehow. Its this realization how money dictate our life and how the society were pushing it. I mean, a mercedesor no mercedes wasnt really an issue if no one bother.

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