Bi-annual Family Gathering-Keturunan Muhammad Jabar


The recent 29th & 30th October 2016 saw more than 200 relatives from the Muhammad Jabar clan gathered in Kampung Dong, Raub, Pahang. This gathering was our third. It was interesting to observe how the Gen X and Gen Y members took over the floor and had participated actively in the activities and the planning.

G and I went back to Raub on the 29th November. We started early enough to what we thought was a clever way of avoiding the weekend traffic jam. But then, we were wrong. The traffic was smooth and we found ourselves arriving in Raub around 11 am.

It was fun. Met many relatives. Ate kampung food. More eating during day time I tell you. I was stuffed to my nose with gulai asam rong. I was appointed as the Game Master. What is means that I was tasked to come up with some clever games for the adults and children alike. We had Scavenger Hunt where the participants had to “hunt” with their mobile phone cameras looking for some elderly uncles, aunties, cousins, type of cars etc…that was fun considering they had to work based on 10 questions. The second game was hilarious. It is called “Let’s Get Mummified!”. Young children were called in to register. One of the parents had to accompany them in this game. Toilet rolls were given.

And….the result? You get these….


I had a blond moment

Now, there was one BLOND story about this trip.

You see, I had called in the hotel several weeks earlier to make a reservation, just to ensure we have a place to stay. The plan was to come back on Friday and check out on Sunday. Two nights all together. However, we had such a long day on that Friday that we decided to check in the following day instead. So, having decided that, I called the hotel. Horror of horror, the Front Office said he could not find my booking!

Ohmaigoddddd…and to make things worse, he said, there is no more room for the next few days!

Now, Raub isnt exactly a very sexy town to begin with. Hotels are limited. GOOD hotels are scarce. How could you have lost my freakin’ reservation? For some reason, after a while, we managed to be on the same page (read: I demanded a room…) and got us a room.

On Saturday, upon arrival at the hotel, we checked in. To my surprise, they said oh! We thought you were checking in yesterday? I told them that I called in and said that I spoke to so and so about this. There were looks of confusion.

Apparently, I had called in the right hotel. But, wrong location. It was the hotel branch in Temerloh. Duhhhhhh……!!


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