In Memory of Miss Rexton (1999-7 November, 2016)

Farewell my darling. You are no longer in pain. May we meet again in Jannah.

Miss Rexton (1999 – 7 November 2016).

She has given all of us much love, joy and happiness till the end of her long life. She was our oldest surviving cat from my previous life. She had gone through so much with us and I am happy to say that she finally had the best of her years towards the end. She was loved, cared for and pampered for especially with her love for air conditioned room. Rexton would always had the best seat of the house and the first choice of wet food. Her favourite landing by the staircase is now empty. The spot on the bed has no Rexton.

Her duty has come to end. My daughter has grown, and now she has her own little family to take care off. Rexton’s mom, Comel spent a good 10 years of her life with my daughter until she left for college. The task was diligently continued by Miss Rexton who stayed until the end.

Life is such. You take as it comes and make the best of it as if there is no tomorrow.

I cry till I fall asleep each time a furkid crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Every time. And to think that I have been keeping cats since eons ago and still have 24 more to go…the pain is deep. And terrible.

And, death…death humbles you…



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