It’s Not Me Who Is Standing With The Trolley!

You know, I have this loooooooooooong list of pet peeves that goes on for miles and miles. Surprisingly enough, the list consist of stuff that ordinary people call it “common sense”. However, I think common sense is not so common. And so, it got to my long list of pet peeves.

Just yesterday G and I went to Aeon Rawang to take a look at table top oven. The mall is close enough from where we stay and we figured that it would have ample selection for us to choose from.

True enough, they have good selection. Good enough that we had to take a break, go for our early dinner and go back to make that final decision.

Ok, the sales staff was very helpful. Even helped us with a trolley to carry this heavy oven. And so, we went to the cashier. I stood on the side and G inline waiting for his turn. When his turn arrived, the cashier kept on addressing to me when she was talking, as if G was invisible.

Like, woman! I am not the one with the trolley and neither am I the one who is holding the wallet to pay. Geez. Just because you see a white dude, makes your tongue turned to steel or something?

A real pet peeve. And this is not the first time it is happening. We have encountered this way too many times. I think outlets must train their staff that it is rude to do that.



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