Happy Mommy’s Day 2017

This year we have a 2-generation mommy’s day – mine and The Girl’s.

Thinking back that when she was a young girl, I had spent a good half of her first  six years away from watching her first foot steps. Do I have any regret? Of course, would I do it again? Maybe. But, at that time, I had to do what was necessary to keep things floating and keeping the wolves away from the door.

The Girl was a latch-key kid when she was a teenager, the same as I was growing up.

Living in the city, unlike days back in the kampung is different. The need for the eco system support is important to ensure safety, security and general well being of a child. However, the raising costs of living has made it quite difficult. My daughter pays about RM450/month for a baby sitter. This is cheap compared to others who are charging at least RM600/month, with multiple kids and would not accept weekend care. Income is not rising compared to living costs.

Not good.

However, on this day (as much every day is really a mommy’s day), Happy Mommy’s Day!



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