NegaraKu, Sehati Sejiwa


In just a few days, this beloved country will be celebrating its 60th Merdeka Day. Time flies, the landscape changed, the weather changed, have the people changed?

Just yesterday I posted something on my LinkedIn about a career event and one guy blasted about how all of the jobs in Malaysian are highjacked by the foreigners. It was also the same day that I questioned the validity of the recruitment process of some companies in hiring career come-back women.

When I was a young kid, I remember going to my friends’ houses for lunch right after school. My parents were at one time, were travelling often due to work. We never saw the skin colour. The language was just different. We just knew that the Chinese kids from Chung Ching School were better with their basket ball game. The Shahbandar kids were mostly from out of towners and MGS kids usually get into fights with the boys from Mahmud Primary.

That’s it. No racial tension. We all ate at the same table. Sat next to each other in Lin Siong bus from Sg Ruan to town on Saturday to watch the cheap matinee.

And cried the same tears of joy and sadness.

Have we changed for the better in our last 60 years?